Airport Road

Adopted by Hotel Valentino (In partnership with Rota Mayor’s Office, FilCorp, Rota Merchandising, DK Brothers for the Benita Manglona Buildings and Mendiola Park. Also, in partnership with CPA-Rota for the Airport Road) | Commonwealth Ports Authority - Rota

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Airport Road, Rota



PPP Partners:

Hotel Valentino & Commonwealth Ports Authority – Rota

About this project:

Hotel Valentino, in partnership with the Commonwealth Ports Authority of Rota, adopted the Airport Road leading to the Benjamin Taisacan Manglona International Airport. They committed to transform this site to reflect and introduce the beauty of the island of Rota as it welcomes visitors and residents alike. The partners plan to beautify this area by planting flowers and other foliage native to Rota.

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