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Photo courtesy of Marianas Visitors Authority

The CNMI Council of Economic Advisers’ mission is to provide objective advice to the Governor to ensure that decisions and programs are aligned with established plans to achieve the Administration’s vision.


The Council is created to:

  1. Formulate policy initiatives to encourage economic growth, provide for the prudent and responsible management of the economy, and alleviate barriers towards business development and growth.

  2. Provide recommendations to the Governor on issues relating to the administration of the Executive Branch and its departments and agencies.

  3. Assist the Office of Planning and Development, under the Office of the Governor, in the creation of the CNMI Comprehensive Sustainable Development Plan.

  4. Consult the Governor on the status of the economy and its forecasted direction.

  5. Create detailed reports to advance policy initiatives beneficial to the CNMI economy.

  6. Review all proposed regulations pertaining to increases in business fees and rules that affect the functioning of the economy and provide analysis of the proposed impact to the private sector.


The CNMI will have a vibrant economy with sustainable development practices that promote local and international relations, the preservation of culture and the environment, vast business and employment opportunities, a strong tax base, and better quality of life for all.

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