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The Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers congratulates the winners of the 2021-2022 Marianas Village Pride contests!

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Improving the quality of life in The Marianas begins with

making our villages better places to live. Having Marianas Village Pride means taking

care of our homes, neighborhoods, schools, streets, and village facilities for all to enjoy.

It also means being a good neighbor.


For elementary school students and older

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From taking care of the environment to being a better neighbor, let’s continue to learn how we can do our part to make our villages better places to live. 


Lessons and Coloring Pages Available for Download: Click here to download pages.

  1. I’m an MVP – Coloring and Cutting Activity

  2. Marianas Village Maps Activity – Learning, Matching, Writing, Coloring, and Spelling Activity (also great for middle and high school students). Click here for the teacher’s answer sheet.

  3. My Village – Drawing Activity

  4. Village Pride – Writing and Coloring Activity

  5. MVP Trading Cards – Writing, Coloring, and Cutting Activity


Notes for Elementary School Teachers:

  • Other ideas for activities include the following:

  1. Supervise students to do a clean-up event at school. Send GCEA your photos to be featured on the Council’s social media pages. A prerequisite to this activity can be a discussion about the importance of keeping villages, schools, community centers, and streets clean.

  2. Gather parents of students from your school to adopt a median, sidewalk, or crosswalk around the school. GCEA can provide the supplies. Sign up here or send an email to GCEA at

  3. Encourage students to talk about what makes them proud of where they live.

  4. Talk about how each person can make their villages better places to live.

  5. Identify landmarks in the same village as your school. Show photos of the sites and talk about what makes each one significant.

  6. Hosting a spelling contest to spell the villages’ names correctly.

  7. Submit a video of your class stating they’re MVPs and encourage other students to be MVPs, too!

  8. Create your MVP cards about how students can be MVPs at school and in the classroom. Share an MVP card each day or week with your students.

  9. Display the students’ village drawings on campus for others to enjoy and learn more about other villages or perspectives.


Thank you for your support and partnership!

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