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Airport Access Road, Saipan

Adopted by Commonwealth Ports Authority - Saipan | Airport Operators Committee | POI Aviation

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Airport Access Road, Saipan


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Commonwealth Ports Authority - Saipan | Airport Operators Committee | POI Aviation

About this project:

POI Aviation along with the Commonwealth Ports Authority and AOC members has committed to adopting the roads leading up to the airport as its area of duty. These roads are the “first and last sceneries” that our visitors see when they arrive or depart the CNMI. Currently, the roads are in need of “mindful landscaping”. Although there is foliage by the road, the overall aesthetic leaves a lot more to desire. POI Aviation along with CPA and AOC members will begin with planting Plumeria Trees, Monkey Pods and other greeneries local to the island to create a “welcoming, tropical” notion when you drive by these roads. Aside from the beautification and the landscaping project, the AOC leadership along with CPA has plans of creating a “signatured attraction” at the airport, similar to the SAIPAN signage located at Marpi to showcase the "Hafa Adai Spirit" . With the addition of a designated parking to ensure that the greenery does not get damaged with the anticipated foot traffic. Additionally, they plan to include improvements and facelift of the two signages along airport road.

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All PPP projects are made possible by the support of the Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan’s public benefit fund with the Dept. of Public Lands.


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