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Two public high schools lead in campus beautification projects

Over 20 Da’ok Academy student volunteers picked up trash around the campus’s tents, gates, and basketball court last December 23, 2022.

(Capitol Hill, Saipan – January 26, 2023) Before the Christmas break, the Da'ok Academy and Marianas High School (MHS) Marianas School Pride (MSP) clubs led their peers in campus beautification and campus clean-ups. Under the supervision of MSP Advisors, students were able to put in hours of volunteer work to beautify their campus.

On December 23, 2022, Da’ok Academy students participated in a campus-wide clean-up; volunteers picked up trash around the campus’s tents, gates, and basketball court.

Joaquin Deleon Guerrero, a Da'ok Academy student, was named MSP's December Environmental Hero. Deleon Guerrero believes in keeping his campus clean so that students can enjoy school activities such as field day, basketball tournaments, and socializing with their peers.

“[I think that] the less trash on the island, the greener our island will be,” said Deleon Guerrero. Deleon Guerrero stated that the MSP Ambassadors exemplified the value of being responsible and respectful during the clean-up.

Marianas High School

In collaboration with the Marianas High School (MHS) Pride Club, MHS’s MSP Ambassadors and volunteers worked together to beautify one of the busiest spots on our campus: the A-Building staircase. With 20 volunteers and 11 hours of work, both clubs worked together to design a staircase mural of the rainbow pride flag to symbolize the efforts that have been and are currently being made to create safe spaces for the CNMI LGBTQIA+ community.

With new friendships forged, the MHS Pride Club and the MHS MSP Ambassadors pushed through the 11 hours to complete their staircase project. Both clubs collaborated in coordinating the placement of each color and working around spots of wet paint to get the job done. With leftover paint, the MSP Ambassadors are excited to collaborate on another beautification project!

The GCEA expresses gratitude to both public schools for spearheading these beautification efforts! Through these beautification projects, students demonstrated to others the importance of working together and committing to creating a better, cleaner campus for all students, teachers, and staff, not just the school.

Together, We Can!

For more information or to participate in the Marianas School Pride, visit the GCEA website at or contact the Council at



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