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Tinian youth lead beautification efforts to promote village and island pride

Friday, November 12, 2021

The Office of the Mayor of Tinian and Aguiguan joins Rota and Saipan in supporting the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers’ Marianas Village Pride Campaign, which I believe goes beyond beautification and encourages all residents to take deeper ownership and pride in our beautiful islands.

On Tinian, the student government and youth advisory panel of Tinian Elementary School have committed to the MVP Campaign by adopting the sidewalks and curbs around the school, library, and hospital. I am genuinely proud of the leadership these young role models are exhibiting for their peers and community to emulate. They have stepped up to the plate to beautify and upkeep our village facilities. It is this type of proactive attitude that inspires and instills pride in our islands. I am confident that our island's future will be in great hands because our youth are starting to take ownership of leading our community at such an early age.

I have assigned our External Affairs and Event Planning Division to help promote the MVP Campaign and coordinate with our partnering agencies to ensure full participation from our community. We are looking at how various agencies can participate in the Adopt-A-Median program and the bus stop beautification and Christmas decorating contests. For the past few years, Tinian has showcased its creativity through Christmas ornaments displays, and I am confident that we can still do the same or better as we participate in the MVP Campaign.

We are excited about the Village Flag Art Contest, too. Tinian is known for numerous other features and icons such as the Donne’ Sali, Tinian Monarch (chichirika), latte stones, Taga Beach, atomic bomb pits, Blow Hole, and the Spondylus shell. These icons highlight Tinian’s unique features and showcase our history. However, with our students' talent and creativity, I am sure there are many more icons that will feature in their designs that represent the identity of our community.

The work we will complete under the MVP Campaign will complement the festivals we offer to visitors and help provide safe and convenient facilities for everyone who calls Tinian home. Through the transformations, Tinian will further promote itself as the must-visit festival island in the Marianas – a destination that offers visitors authentic cultural experiences in a safe, clean, and vibrant environment.

Our students have taken the lead in joining the MVP Campaign, and I am encouraging others to step up, too. As we continue to find proactive ways to beautify our islands, I would like to remind everyone that the responsibility for the cleanliness, maintenance, and upkeep of our community cannot solely be placed on the government. It begins with each of us. We must be responsible for our actions. If we want to keep our islands beautiful and clean for all to enjoy, then we must pitch in.

Beautifying and keeping our islands clean must begin with a change in attitude from our people. Taking part in the MVP Campaign is the first step to bringing about that change. Let’s empower each other to make Tinian the best it can be for ourselves and the future generations.

For more information about the Marianas Village Pride Campaign, visit the GCEA website at, engage on Facebook and Instagram (@cnmigov.economy), or contact them at

By Hon. Mayor Edwin Aldan, Guest Columnist

Hon. Mayor Edwin Aldan is the 14th Mayor for the island of Tinian and Aguiguan. He has served the Marianas for several years as a police officer, a congressman, and a member of the Tinian Municipal Council. As the Mayor of Tinian, he is committed to lead the mission to foster safety, cleanliness, and equal opportunity for all its residents.

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