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TINES beautification project aims to inspire students with color and art

(Capitol Hill, Saipan – December 06, 2022) The Tinian Elementary School (TINES) sidewalk was graced with creative artwork courtesy of Marianas School Pride (MSP) Advisor Kyie Bermudes and over 20 MSP Ambassadors on November 16. TINES Principal Lou Manglona stated that Bermudes is a former TINES student who wanted to give back to the school and share his love of art.

According to Manglona, Bermudes enjoys art and wanted to share it with the TINES students by creating a hopscotch game that they could play at school. The MSP Ambassadors are made up of the TINES National Honor Society, TINES Youth Advisory Panel, and the TINES Student Government Organization.

“So far, since it began, the students love it and have even expressed other designs they hope to see,” said Manglona.

Plans for a campus mural are in progress, and the school is eager to share their artwork with the community once it is completed. Bermudes is the main artist who will help with the MSP Campus Mural Contest and the revitalization of the campus sign.

“To those who showed up and expressed their excitement and enthusiasm to participate, it meant a great deal to us. It made us realize that we are on the right track in terms of uniting our children and future students of Tinian Elementary School. We are not only aiming for greater things on campus, but we are also strengthening bonds formed in the past to coincide and intertwine into something beautiful that will last a lifetime,” added Manglona.

Along with encouraging students to be more involved with beautification, Manglona says that participating in a beautification initiative will be a great first step.

“These projects can be healthy outlets for any student, especially those who feel like no one will understand. These art projects aren’t just for beauty, but it is also a way for anyone who needs and wants to express themselves in a safe and healthy way,” said Manglona.

Niesa Borja, a TINES sixth grader, encourages her peers to participate in the next beautification project. Borja says that if her peers join the next time, they will provide them with food and water in order to demonstrate to her peers that they care about their hard work and can assist them.

TINES sixth grader, Nevaeh Cabrera, beautification projects will benefit individuals and schools in many ways, such as spending time with your friends.

“It also makes the school more colorful and exciting,” said Cabrera. Along with encouraging students to be more aware of their surroundings, beautification projects will teach students to be more respectful of the environment and to clean up after themselves.

As for Cabrera, she sees the value in beautification projects. She said, “As a student in Tinian Elementary, I think beautification is very important. I think it teaches the students how to clean up after themselves, and how to respect the environment.”

For Borja, she felt that the school rarely had much inspiration, color, or any elements of fun.

Borja said, “As one of the students of Tinian Elementary school, our school really never had much color so the beautification project adds color and more fun for the younger students. It brings color, fun games, and much more excitement to the school and to the kids who attend and the adults who walk on or beside it.”

“Beautification is for everyone! Not only will it allow us to appreciate our surroundings and take stock of the beauty in life, but with these beautification projects underway, we are aiming for the imagination and inspiration that come out of our pieces. We hope and aim to give the people of Tinian something that will be around for ages. timeless even as our children are our future, may our pieces mold and open our future generations that anything is possible,” said Manglona.

Together, We Can!

For more information or to participate in the Marianas School Pride Campaign, visit the GCEA website at or contact the Council at Sponsorship opportunities are still open for businesses and key community stakeholders, please visit for more information.



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