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Susupe Beach Park

Adopted by Kanoa Resort Saipan | Chinese Association of Saipan

PPP Site:

Susupe Beach Park


PPP Partner:

Kanoa Resort Saipan & Chinese Association of Saipan

About this project:

Kanoa Resort Saipan along with Chinese Association of Saipan adopted the Susupe Beach Park that suffered extensive damage from two devastating typhoons. The repairs and improvements made at Susupe Beach Park included the following: 1) clean-up of the park, 2) restroom building phase 1 clean up, 3) repainting the curbs, 4) water blasting the building and parking lot, and 5) removing debris from the restroom facility.

Engage with us:

All PPP projects are made possible by the support of the Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan’s public benefit fund with the Dept. of Public Lands.


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