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Mt. Tapochau

Adopted by I Love Saipan | Saipan Korean Jungle Tour Operator Association | Artman Environment Corporation

PPP Site:

Mt. Tapochau


PPP Partners:

I Love Saipan, Saipan Korean Jungle Tour Operator Association, Artman Environment Corporation

About this project:

I Love Saipan, along with Saipan Korean Jungle Tour Operator Association and Artman Environment Corporation, acted jointly in adopting Mt. Tapochau, the highest mountain on Saipan. The site is a beautiful location that reveals the panoramic beauty of the island. However, the partners have identified some safety issues and repairs needed: 1) 50% or more of rails need to be replace and regularly maintained, 2) the rail handles are in need of repair, and 3) after the safety concerns are resolved, the monthly general maintenance plan will be implemented.

Engage with us:

All PPP projects are made possible by the support of the Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan’s public benefit fund with the Dept. of Public Lands.


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