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GCEA Welcomes E-Land Group as First Sponsor of Marianas School Pride Program 2022-2023 School Year

This photo shows the E-Land Group awarding $5,000 in Education Tax Credit to Sinapalo Elementary School for placing first in the Marianas Village Pride Campaign's elementary school division. The GCEA is pleased to welcome back the E-Land Group as a Platinum Sponsor in the Marianas School Pride Program.

The council encourages businesses to use Education Tax Credits to support the expanded beautification-based program now in all Marianas schools

(Capitol Hill, Saipan – Oct. 31, 2022) The Governor's Council of Economic Advisers (GCEA) welcomed today the first official sponsor of the Marianas School Pride (MSP) Campaign. E-Land Group has committed to return for a second year to sponsor the Council’s beautification-based program that has expanded into all public and private schools in Rota, Tinian, and Saipan. Participation in this program is estimated at more than 11,000 students throughout the islands. MSP is an extension of GCEA’s Public Private Partnership (PPP) program. The 2022-23 program began on Sept. 26 and will run until May 2023.

The E-Land Group was previously a Marianas Village Pride (MVP) Campaign Platinum Sponsor, in which they gave $7,500 in Education Tax Credit (ETC) and in-kind contributions. This year, the E-Land Group has re-committed to being a Platinum Sponsor and will be giving the winning schools’ ETC donations. In the Marianas, companies can receive tax credits for their support of education programs for up to $5,000 annually.

GCEA Co-Chairman Jerry Tan thanks the E-Land Group on behalf of the Council. He said, “E-Land Group has been an incredible community partner and a strong supporter of GCEA’s community outreach programs during the past two years. We thank E-Land for reaffirming their commitment to our programs and we are pleased to announce that they are our first sponsor for this school year.”

“We are pleased to recommit our sponsorship for the Marianas School Pride program. We would like to thank GCEA for initiating the campaign in which students take the lead in community beautification. We’ve seen the differences that was made through PPP and MVP, and as a result, E-Land will continue to support this meaningful cause,” said Brian Shin, the E-Land Group chief executive officer.

Sponsorship opportunities are available now

To successfully run the activities and contests for our Marianas students, the GCEA is currently seeking sponsors for the campaign. GCEA gratefully accepts various forms of sponsorship from the community and interested business partners including donations of education tax credits, cash for prizes and the production of village flags, in-kind support and supplies for MSP programs, advertising sponsorships, and contest prizes. All ETC donations are used as prizes given directly to the schools, where the money is used for improvements or to purchase much-needed supplies and equipment.

“We welcome other businesses to join the movement, support the Marianas School Pride Program, get involved in beautification projects in their villages, and work together to make the Marianas a better place to live. Our children ultimately benefit from our joint efforts,” said Co-Chairman.

MSP Advisors and Ambassadors lead the way

The MSP Campaign is a school community-building and beautification campaign that uses activities, beautification projects, and exciting contests to educate, inform, and engage students. MSP's mission is to inspire pride in the hearts of students. Through MSP’s Advisors and Ambassadors program, GCEA provides the tools and support they need to envision and lead beautification projects that make their campuses better places to learn, play, and thrive. The advisors and ambassadors represent public and private schools and attend monthly meetings to discuss current and upcoming projects, activities, and contests.

Co-Chairman Tan said, “We are proud to announce that we have more than 50 advisors and 100 student ambassadors who are leading beautification efforts in their schools. The students, teachers, and school administrators have shown great enthusiasm to improve the learning environment for all students, and we are excited about what they will achieve this school year.”

The GCEA recently released the first edition of MSP In Action – the Marianas School Pride monthly newsletter that is written by MSP School Advisors and Student Ambassadors. The newsletter will recognize the students' work, announce contest winners, and feature completed campus projects. The community can read the newsletter on the MSP page of GCEA’s website.

Businesses interested in becoming a sponsor can contact the GCEA at Sponsorship packets are available for download at


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