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GCEA kicks off first-anniversary celebration with a Rota transformation project

(Capitol Hill, CNMI – March 10, 2021) The Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers (GCEA) will kick off its first-anniversary celebration with a Public Private Partnership (PPP) transformation project in Rota this weekend. GCEA members and officials will work with the Rota Mayor’s Office and volunteers from both the host island and Saipan in transforming the Sinapalo Basketball Court and Youth Center. The basketball backboard will be replaced, the court will be painted, and a fence will be installed, while the bleachers will be cleaned and repainted too. Repairs and enhancement work will also be done. The transformation work will begin this Friday afternoon and will conclude on Saturday, while the GCEA will host an appreciation event for volunteers Sunday morning. “The GCEA, through its Public Private Partnership initiative, aims to transform destination sites and village facilities across all our three islands. Together with our committed PPP partners, we’ve completed several projects in Saipan and two in Rota since it was established last May. This weekend, we are adding the Sinapalo Basketball and Volleyball Courts and Youth Center to our list and will be identifying more sites and facilities for adoption for the enjoyment of residents and visitors of Rota. I applaud our people for coming together to transform the Marianas one site at a time. Join us as we work to provide safer and better facilities for our community to enjoy. Together, we can,” Gov. Torres said. Meanwhile, the GCEA will hold its monthly general membership meeting and the formal signing of a memorandum of agreement with five PPP partners from Rota on Saturday, May 22. The Commonwealth Ports Authority-Rota, Filipino Community of Rota, Hotel Valentino, Rota Merchandising and DK Brothers, and the Rota Mayor’s Office will sign five-year MOUs for the repairs and maintenance work of the Melchor Mendiola Leadership Park, Benita Manglona Buildings, and Airport Road. From Rota, the GCEA will head to Tinian in June for the second leg of its anniversary celebration. The council, through the help of the Tinian Mayor’s Office and volunteers, will transform several basketball courts on the island on June 25 and 26 and engage residents in other prospective PPP projects. On July 3, the GCEA will conclude its first-anniversary celebration on Saipan with an island-wide cleanup involving all its PPP partners. New PPP partners and volunteers are welcome at all PPP events. Sign-up information can be found on the GCEA’s Facebook and Instagram pages (@cnmigov.economy) or can be requested by email at The GCEA marked its first anniversary on May 19. The council was established through Executive Order 2020-11 to aid in the formulation of economic initiatives and transformation of destination sites and facilities in the Marianas. ### Media Contacts:

Edna Nisola

Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers

Kevin Bautista

Press Secretary

Office of the Governor


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